Original Release Date: September, 1996

Recorded by Matt Verta-Ray & Ron Ward at NY Hed Studio for MCA Records & Fort Apache

Ron Ward: vocals

Matt Verta-Ray: lead guitar

Ali Smith: bass

Martin Owens: drums

Additional musicians : Paul Q. Kolderie, Sean Slade, Johnny Kick, Dave Roy, Rueben Radding, Addie Kaiser


1.A stranger skin
2.Rubber connection [Lord ! please click me]
3.Black cat moan
4.Suicide Girl
5.Black-eyed Girl
6.Dog on fire
7.Skull poppin', skin tastin', love wastin' son of a bitch
8.Shakin' it loose
9.Cinéma ! [click me]
10.Toss my salad
11.Mr. Heat
12.Dancin' with a fever
13.Drug Owl [click me to see the video on YouTube]