01/03/17 :

Happy New Year from the vault !

05/17/16 :

05/12/16 : New Heavy Trash european rendez-vous : 27 Apr: NL - VENLO, Nightbirds Kingsday 28 Apr: NL - BREDA, Mezz, 29 Apr: NL - EINDHOVEN, Effenaar 30 Apr: NL - HENGELO, Heartland Festival 1 May: BE - LESSINES, Roots & Roses Festival 3 May: FR - LILLE, L'Aéronef 4 May: FR - CLUSES, L'atelier 5 May: FR - BOURG-EN-BRESSE, La Tannerie 6 May: FR - MULHOUSE, Le Noumatrouff 7 May: FR - BOURGES, Palais d'Auron 8 May: FR - SEDAN, Centre Culturel, MJC Calonne

03/15/16 : Mentor sessions with Matt at SXSW 2016 : Here !

02/10/16 : New-York Hed Studio proudly announces a new website : Here !

02/10/16 : New Heavy Trash european rendez-vous : May 01, Roots & Roses Festival, Lessines, BE

11/05/15 : From the vault : SpeedBall Baby circa 2000 : Jenny Decker, Ron Ward, MVR, Andy Action

06/26/15 : From the vault : Madder Rose in Reading festival, 1993

06/25/15 : New Heavy Trash european tour : July 11, SJOCK Festival, Gierle, BE July 12, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton, UK July 13, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK July 14, Broadcast, Glasgow, Scotland July 15, The Cluny, Newcastle, UK July 16, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK July 17, Oslo Hackney, London, UK July 18, CITY SOUNDS FESTIVAL, Paris, France July 19, Patronaat Haarlem, Netherlands

03/10/15 : News after the French Heavy Trash Tour : NY Hed recording sessions with Daddy Long Legs for a new Norton LP and with The Wolfmanhattan Project (with Mick Collins, Bob Bert, Kid Congo and Lydia Lunch). The LP should come out on In The Red Records.

02/25/15 : Heavy Trash - New LP available - Limited copies - Buy it here !

Halloween 2014

10/20/14 : NY Hed Facebook : here !

10/10/14 : Find back the Tour Dates here : Billions !

09/20/14 : New Heavy Trash Official Facebook ! Here !

09/17/14 : Heavy Trash - Ten American shows announced : New-York, Montreal, Quebec, Portland, Winooski, Toronto, Hamilton in October. Bloodshot Bill on bass !!

26/06/14 : Heavy Trash - European show announced

04/01/14 : Interview in Abus Dangereux ! Here !

01/29/14 : Matt gave french infamous fanzine Abus Dangereux an interview. Find back the director's cut ! Here !

10/14/13 : Speedball Baby and The Dirtbombs, an old story !

10/07/13 : An old picture with the Norton records crew, circa 1990 ...

10/01/13 : Tracking Alan Vega and mixing with Jon the industro-punk duo "Don't"

05/09/13 : Rare footage from Speedball Baby: Hip Devil Shake became Pocket Fulla Fish. Shot in the nineties by Bruce Bennett.

05/11/13 : Lala Brooks announces new album ! Produced, engineered, mixed by Mick Collins and Matt at the HYHed

08/13/13 : The first pages of the official Matt Verta-Ray's bio are hosted here. You also can find a link in the bio section.

08/12/13 :Last year SpeedBall Baby played the Freakshow festival in Gigors. Find back "black eyed girl"

08/06/13 : The new Dirtbombs Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey is out ! Engineered and mixed at the NYHed

08/04/13 :In Austin, Texas to track Living Grateful

07/31/13 :Gemma Ray with Lil'One-Arm at the Greenville Festival in Berlin.

07/16/13 :T-Model Ford passed away. Heavy Trash played with him in Paris. R.I.P.

06/29/13 :Mojo Magazine included a Mama Rosin track in its sampler (a Beatles cover : Please Mister Postman) features Matt Verta-Ray and Mick Collins.

04/13/13 :Tracking the French band The Parlor Snakes.

04/06/13 :The Mama Rosin album Bye Bye Bayou: Directors Cut (recorded at NY Hed with Matt Verta-Ray and Jon Spencer) has just been released in Canada as a limited CD edition.

02/06/13 : Lewd Nudie Animals and Real Waco Lot Lizard by We Are Hex were mixed at NY Hed.The 7″ single will be released by Latest Flame Records on 11 June 2013.

05/26/13 : Jean-Luc Jousse's New-York Klebs have recorded a number of songs at NY Hed with Craig Water, Jon Spencer, Rocio Verta-Ray, Handsome Dick Manitoba and Keith Streng.

04/17/13 : Two guitars have been stolen in the studio (a Epiphone Gold Top Les Paul signed on the body by "John Lee Hooker" and with the initials "JLH" and a National Acoustic Bass Guitar). They belonged to Ivan. Please call us at 212 533 1235 with your location or email ivan@gatlianmusic.com if you got any informations. Cash Reward when the guitar is recovered.

02/25/13 : Mixing sessions of Lala Brooks' and Heavy Trash's next releases. Mixing We Are Hex from Indianapolis with Jon

01/08/13 : A new artwork by Olivier Brut.

12/29/12 : A picture has been posted on Facebook by the photographer Violetta Alvarez. Matt with Ron during Five Dollar Priest recording sessions in 2010 .

12/20/12 : New review about the bio from Marc Villard, the famous french novelist. Here

12/13/12 : New interview in Abus Dangereux. Here

11/12/12 : A french radio included Lil' One-Arm in its playlist : Radio Campus Grenoble. A new review in DigIt !

10/27/12 :Ali directed an Oubliettes teaser ! The album is out ! Worldwide ! Click to order your copy !

10/10/12 :Two new and french reviews about The Oubliettes in Rock'n'Folk and Foutraque.com ! Available in the interviews section !

09/17/12 : The official biography is out in France: Matt Verta-Ray, d'Andy Warhol au rock exressionniste new-yorkais. Written by Mathias Moreau and illustrated by Jean-Christophe Chauzy. Published by Camion Blanc. If you can read french, buy it here ! Some samples on this website soon !

09/02/12 : SpeedBall Baby played two times in France with Ivan Julian on bass and Sammy Baker on drums. Great audience at the FreakShow festival and in Paris' Nouveau Casino.

07/19/12 : Great legends in the NYHed : Kid Congo Powers, Mick Collins and Bob Bert have recorded a single for In The Red Records. Mick Collins also produced recording sessions with La La Brooks of The Crystals for Norton Records. La La Brooks was the lead singer of the hits: "Da doo ron ron" and "Then he kissed me".

07/16/12 : Matt proudly announced his wedding with Rocio Garcia-Rodriguez. It took place April 4 in New-York. Rocio is the creator of La Mirada, a international spanish-language film festival in Melbourn, Australia.

07/11/12 : One SpeedBall Baby show has been added : September 2 in Paris, le Nouveau Casino

06/23/12 : Help Me Devil the spanish trio was in the studio to track their second record at NYHed. Guest : Daddy Long Legs and Mickey Finn. Phil Gionffrido from the Aussie group The Bowers stopped in too to record two songs.

06/07/12 : Marcellus Hall, the great illustrator, is also a musician. He will record a new album in the NYHed this week.

05/09/12 : Matt is in the studio working on several different projects: Mick Collins finalized the next Dirtbomb album. James Chance, Melvin Van Peeples, T Valentine and Hartwell LittleJohn too were in the studio those last days. To be continued : mixing the next Triple Hex release

04/29/12 : Now the NY Hed can tweet ! Here !

04/25/12 : The Paperclip Agency proudly announced the first official SpeedBall Baby concert since 2003. Matt will be on stage with Ron and Ali September the 1st at the Freak Show Festival in Gigors-et-Lozeron, France. More shows should be added soon.

04/08/12 : A new great Heavy Trash video has been hosted on YouTube. Check the Heavy Trash section or click here

04/02/12 : Music section has been updated and a slideshow has been added. More pictures soon.

03/13/12 : This website was born !!!!