Original Release Date: October, 2009

Recorded by Matt Verta-Ray & Jon Spencer at NY Hed Studio and Ed Turner & Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studio

for Yep Roc Records & Crunchy Frog & BronzeRat Records

Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray: bass, electric guitar, drums, organ, acoustic guitar, baritone, vocals and synths.


Additional musicians : Jelly Brian, Kim Kix, JC Play, Sam Baker, Matt Goldpaugh, Mickey Finn, Christina Campanella,

Simon Chardiet, Those darlins, John Rose, Charlie Spencer, Daniel Collas, Dalek



1.Gee, I really love you
2.Good Man
3.Bumble Bee
4.The Pill
6.(Sometimes you got to be) Gentle [click me to watch the video on YouTube]
9.Sweet Little Bird
10.That's what your love gets
11.In my heart