Original Release Date: September, 2007

Recorded by Matt Verta-Ray & Jon Spencer at NY Hed Studio and Ed Turner & Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studio

for Yep Roc Records & Crunchy Frog

Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray: bass, electric guitar, drums, organ, acoustic guitar, baritone, vocals and synths.


Additional musicians : The Sadies, Kim Kix, The great Nalna, Yebo, Simon Chardiet, Phil Hernandez, Daniel Collas,

Daniel Jodocy, Andrew Raff



1.Pure Gold
2.Outside Chance
3.Double line
4.Kissy Baby
5.That ain't right
6.I want Oblivion [click me to watch the video on YouTube]
7.Way Out [click me to watch the video on YouTube]
8.She Baby
9.They were kings
10.Crazy pritty baby
11.I want refuge
12.Crying tramp
13.You can't win